Thursday, June 11, 2015

A family full of so much love...

It is always such a pleasure to be able photograph friends and their kids. Due to  all the rain and thunderstorms in the past few weeks, we were only able to get through half of this session. I cannot wait to finish this session, because the first half was so much fun and filled with lots of laughs. The kids outgoing personalities and spirit kept me on my toes, which I love because then I get to capture the great candid's.  Keep your eyes out for the rest of this session to be posted. 

Blake is 2 and awaiting the arrival of baby number 2...

I had the pleasure of photographing this super sweet little girl filled with so much life.  She had so many smiles and giggles to share. I absolutely loved that every few pictures I took, she would say "Can I see?" Her enthusiasm made for a very fun session.  We dodged rain, I mean lots of rain, but completing this session in two parts was so worth it. 

What made this session extra special was being to able to also capture mom who is expecting baby #2.  The beauty of this family was truly a treat, but the love that is shared more than words can describe. It truly was a privilege to photograph this amazing family.

Summer wardrobe ideas

Summer is just around the corner, though at times it feels like we are still in the heart of spring with all this moisture and cool temperatures. Here are just a few outfit ideas for your family for the summer season.  I always love colors that complement each other as well as solids with one or two individuals in a print.